HVAC Repair Services by Clout

Should you repair, replace or upgrade your heating and air conditioning system? In many cases this can be a very difficult decision for homeowners. Ther Clout Pros are here to walk you through the steps to make a well-informed decision. We believe in transparent and fair pricing. Whenever there is a needed repair, we show you the cost of the part involved as well as the labor hours allocated for a Clout Pro to perform the task.

Skilled Professional Labor

Our Clout Pros have undergone extensive training and obtained certifications to perform the tasks needed to repair your system. We also believe that our labor is fair and affordable. Just like a highly skilled lawyer, CPA or other professional we believe in providing quality service at a fair per/hr rate. And you know what that is every time.

Quick, Timely Repairs

Urgency is our driving force when it comes to repairing your system. If a repair is needed, our goal is to get our hands on the part same day, get back to your home, and get you comfortable. If a specialized part is needed, we provide you clear expectations of the timing surrounding task completion.

One Year Guarantee on Repairs

Peace of mind every time. If a Clout Pro performs a repair to your system, you are backed by our one year guarantee. If the part fails within the first year, we either replace the part with a new one or give you a partial credit towards a new system. We also provide you with 14 day risk-free protection. If you decide to upgrade your system, within 14 days of a repair being completed, we will give you a full refund towards an upgrade.

100% Guarantee Every Time

Homeowners are always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is not uncommon to have to make adjustments to things like airflow and balancing after a new system is installed. You will never be charged for these kind of changes, we promise.