Heating & Cooling for Atlanta

At Clout Home Services, our goal is to keep your home and business comfortable year-round. And we do it by providing the latest HVAC design and product innovations for superior comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking for routine air conditioning service & repair or a new air conditioning system in a large commercial property, Clout Home Services is ready to work with you.

Replacements & Upgrades

As seasons change outside our homes, seasons also change inside our homes. Our Clout Pros are dedicated to making sure your system is optimized for every season to keep you comfortable.


Whenever there is a needed repair, we show you the cost of the part involved as well as the labor hours allocated for a Clout Pro to perform the task. And you’re always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid costly breakdowns and repairs with routine preventative maintenance. Having a certified Clout Pro tune-up your HVAC system twice a year will provide greater energy savings.

New Construction

Consider all the appropriate options for your new home HVAC system. Clout offers solutions for comfort, efficiency and air quality on a room-by-room basis, with a whole-home approach. 

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems deliver efficient heating and cooling with lots of flexibility. Get whole-home comfort on a room-by-room basis without the need for major renovation work.

Duct Repair & Replacement

Without ductwork, your HVAC system would be rendered quite useless! So when your ductwork requires repairs, replacements, or new additions, schedule inspection and service with Clout.

A Modern Homeowners Experience

We communicate how you prefer

We over communicate to ensure that you are informed every step of the way. Connect with us over text and chat if that is your preference. Otherwise, we are just a call away and will always answer live.

We know and deliver technology

Technology is at our core in order to provide a modern, safe and predictable experience from booking to project sign-off. We stay on top of emerging technologies to bring modern solutions to your home.

Amazingly fair, no haggle pricing

We take ‘sales’ out of our equation. We believe in educating homeowners, and providing multiple options to help you make an informed decision. No surprises ever.

White glove service

When something breaks in your home, we understand that it is a stressful time. After you experience our remarkable customer service and attention to detail, those worries melt away. 

Your Comfort is our #1 Priority

We are here to ensure that your family stays comfortable in your home year-round. Contact us today for a heating + cooling tune-up, or for an estimate on a brand new energy-efficient comfort system from Lennox.